Name this site!

Lamest of the lame poll topics. I want to rename my site, and my creativity is completely failing me. “Steve of Salem” is lame (as Greg already pointed out to me), and it’s just a place holder until I figure something else better. If you have an “other” suggestion in the comments. Remember the poll still doesn’t work if you are viewing an individual post. You need to be on the main page.

I don’t want any name that has anything like “Steve’s Musings/Jottings/Thoughts/Prattle/etc.” I consider that lame. No legal-based name either because I think that would be awfully presumptuous and misleading.

10 thoughts on “Name this site!

  1. how about…
    “Salacious Steev’s Sensory Suppository”
    “Steve’s Other Home”
    “Steev so CRAAAAZY”
    “Tidings, Sidings, and Snide Comments by Steve and friends”

  2. Wow you actually renamed the website…Awesome steve. Now what you have to do so every time someone posts a comment, there should be a sound bite with you pounding on a table yelling “Thats right damnit”

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