Almost finished

Classes were cancelled today. Yesterday a professor collapsed in front of his students, and he was rushed to the hospital. He had a massive brain hemorrage caused by an aneurysm. The Dean thought it would be inappropriate to have classes today considering the professor’s condition and the impact it has had on the school. Apparently one of the students knew CPR and saved the professor’s life with it. Maybe I should get my CPR license again.

Classes over all have been going well. Nothing extremely difficult. The only real problem is just the volume of information that is being jammed into my brain. Finals are coming up pretty quick. I’m going to have to start prepping in earnest for those. I’ll do that after Thanksgiving. Everybody knows the brain works better when hopped up on mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce, and turkey. Speaking of potatoes. <— Click it and wait for it to load. It'll be the next macarena in no time.

This weekend I help out a friend with a video project, study (fingers crossed), and get my truck's sound system infused with awesomeness.

One thought on “Almost finished

  1. Hey, I found your site by accident while searching for an old friend of mine, Chris Wickham. I am not sure if your friend Chris Wickham is MY friend Chris, but if he’s formerly of San Diego and had a friend named Trish at a mortgage we both worked for, than they are one and the same. If so, pass on my email address and tell him to give me a shout…thanks. Love your blog. šŸ˜‰

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