Remnants of power

Democrats and other lefties are probably feeling pretty out of power these days. They lost the White House for another term, lost a leader in Congress, face an even greater GOP majority in both houses, and most likely will see Bush appoint 3 Supreme Court Justices. However, they should take heart because there is one key arena where they have a complete lockdown on power: academia. The Volokh Conspiracy lays out the gist of a NYT article about the party affiliation of academics. No real surprise, but here it is:

1. In the humanities and social sciences, Democrats outnumber Republicans by at least seven to one.

2. For nonacademic practitioners, the numbers are not nearly so skewed. Either there is bias against Republicans, or Republicans prefer other options over academia more than Democrats do. I am more inclined to the latter option, but this requires investigation.

3. Among anthropologists, the ratio of Democrats to Republicans is about thirty to one. For economists it is “only” three to one.

4. Stanford and Berkeley have especially high ratios of Democrats to Republicans, about nine to one; this is taken from voter registration records, rather than the questionnaires.

What’s that old saying about those who can’t do, teach?

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