UW student embraces tyranny

A fun letter from the UW student newspaper:


I can’t believe it. President Bush was re-elected, and by a majority this time. Apparently, usurping the election once wasn’t enough, so they just gave him this one. For four years I’ve waited, clenching my fists every time that fool opened his mouth, remembering how maddeningly close we came to preventing this disaster, utterly convinced that no clear-thinking human being could repeat that mistake. But now they, we the people, have called him back in.

I suppose this is what the United States wants. Maybe you want to reverse progress. Maybe you want to live in fear. Maybe you want to live your lies, and surely you want to think that you’re right. See, I’ve lost faith in free will, and I’ve certainly lost faith in the tyranny of the masses. Just because there’s more of you doesn’t mean you’re right.

I won’t claim to be a patriot. I won’t say “peace is patriotic,” or “dissent is patriotic.” United States is what it is because of one thing: putting power in the hands of the people. And that system has now proven itself horribly misguided. People need someone to control them, to make the right decisions. People need the Leviathan. Tyranny, in the right hands, could do some good around here. Which is why I say: Down with your hypocrisy, your theocracy and your democracy.

Pascal Clark


electrical engineering

(via Mark Shea)

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