The Fall of Hopesfall

Hopesfall has a new album out (iTMS link). What happened? They used to be so good. Now they play this sissy rock. I’m so sad. One of my favorite hardcore bands has taken a turn for the completely lame. The only plus side I can see so far is that the album art looks freakin’ sweet. Compare that link above to their “No Wings to Speak of” EP (iTMS link), which is sublime. “The End of an Era” is one of my all time favorite songs.

I give up on life. I want to cry. Where’s my blankie? I feel sick. I’m going home.

Oh wait, there’s a new Chevelle album!

UPDATE: I just finished listening to the entire Hopesfall album. It’s so bad. Boring, un-creative, mediocre, and decidedly monotonous are the descriptors that spring to mind. I’m not sure it’s even worth the space on my harddrive.

One thought on “The Fall of Hopesfall

  1. oky, gotta tell you, I’m lovin’ the criticism.
    Chevelle is okay, however there is so much new awesome stuff out there I’m about to passout.

    check out: the new atreyu; + as i lay dying.

    I’m impressed. =)

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