Election ’04 Post-mortem

Bush winning and the GOP extending their power in both houses is huge. In fact the power that they could flex is almost scary. On top of this Bush has a real good chace of appointing 3 new Supreme Court judges. Talk about Republican domination. As Spiderman drilled into our brains: with great power comes great responsibility. I pray that their power is excercised under the guide of wisdom and tempered by respect.

I am deeply thankful and relieved that we suffered no terrorist attack. Heck, the alert level wasn’t even raised. For the past four years I was certain we’d get another major attack by now. Anybody else feel that Al Qaeda has been either thoroughly gutted or is too distracted by the seedlings of democracy in both Iraq and Afghanistan to really focus on our homeland? All Osama did was send us a video tape with vague threats and Moore-ish talking points. You know, we may not have chopped off the head of Al Qaeda, but it seems we may have choppped off all its limbs. Now all it can do is whine as it bleeds to death. I can hardly believe that we’ve made it four years without a major terrorist attack. However, I’m still convinced that another major attack is inevitable.

The reaction around the world is pretty funny. Of course, a lot of Europeans are sticking up their snooty noses and wondering how Americans can willingly subject ourselves to another 4 years of Bushitler. I think Mark Shae answered this well:

I hate to sound like a jingo, and Lord knows I’m aware this country has its problems (as my readers frequently gripe at me for noting), but if Americans are so stupid, why are we the most powerful country in the world? It’s something that might be worth reflecting on for a leftist intelligentsia that tries to explain everything with “I’m smart and you’re stoopid if you don’t see how smart I am”.

If you’re so smart, O Disgusted Foreigner, why does it never seem to occur to you to ask why a nation of morons like us keep running rings around you? Might it *just possibly* be the case that you aren’t as smart as you constantly console yourself you are?

Think outside the box.


Other posts about foreign reactions:
Matt Rosenberg, who points to a very interesting article from The Scotsman.

Greg Piper, who points to reactions from New Yorkers, who might as well be foreigners considering how out-of-touch and arrogant they are.

A great op-ed in the New York Post about reactions in Old Europe. Compare the amount of support Chirac and Schroeder got in their last set of elections to President Bush. The article predicts now that many strongly anti-American countries will stop being so obstinate because they can no longer hope for a Kerry presidency. Furthermore, Howard’s huge win in Australia, Bush’s decisive win in the US, and Blair’s almost certain victory in the next general election emphasize the strength and force of the members of the Anglo-American alliance. (Link from Instapundit)

2 thoughts on “Election ’04 Post-mortem

  1. We all know that the eventual judicial nominees that pass Senate muster will quickly abandon their stated judicial philosophy to expand their grip on America, continually usurping the people’s elected representatives. Republican presidents have been screwing this up for 50 years and I have no doubt Bush will do the same. That’s why I would love to scare the crap out of the Supremes with some good ol’ fahioned jurisdiction-limiting!

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