Comment spam

I broke the comments function due to a huge barrage of comment spam. I’ll fix it later.

UPDATE: Meh, comments are back.

UPDATE 2: Had to break them again.

UPDATE 3 : Okay let’s see if the jerks have stopped…

UPDATE 4: I had to break them again. This is effin’ ridiculous. Thanks to the filters, nobody will ever see the damn comments, but I get deluged with 100+ emails and comments spam that need to be deleted.

I’ve already looked into comment spam protection. WordPress’s default spam protection is sufficient, but the problem is I still have to delete the peices of crap and I get an email every time one gets flagged as spam. I don’t need another blacklist (I already have one), I need something that blocks IPs from even touching my site.

UPDATE 5: Okay, so denying IPs via .htaccess is pretty easy. . .

4 thoughts on “Comment spam”

  1. There are a lot of free comment spam apps you can install in your blog template. If you were on Movable Type I’d recommend MT-Blacklist, which I use, but I’m not sure what fits with WordPress.

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