Wake up!

“Wake up America, wake up. … You have a choice.” —Sen. John F. Kerry, October 29, 2004.

Oh, I’m sorry, Mr. Kerry, I guess I was sleeping through the past four years. Thank you so much for sounding the alarm, you arrogant prick.

But I wonder if Kerry has been asleep after saying, “This election is a choice between four more years of tax giveaways for millionaires along with a higher tax burden on the middle class.” As to the first part: *yawn*. When are the Democrats going to get a new line about tax cuts? As to the second part, I guess Kerry missed when the first Bush tax cut got extended and broadened.

He also says this:

“I believe deeply that hope, not fear, is our future,” he said. “Give me the chance to make you proud. Give me the chance to lift our country up and every day I’ll look you in the eye and be able to say, ‘I’ve got your back!”‘

Just like you lifted the country up after Vietnam? You going to get our back just like you got the back of your fellow Vietnam vets?

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