The Daily Show as the daily news

My old buddy and fellow disturber-of-the-SPU-peace, Greg Piper, has an interesting article which indicates journalism majors are relying heavily on The Daily Show. Money quote:

“None of my kids read a newspaper, none of my students, but they always knew what was going on in the campaign,” Abramson said. “So I was just curious. Why were they so up on everything? They were saying, ‘The Daily Show, The Daily Show.'”

Hunt said he polled his students — “news junkies” — and got a similar result. Only three students watched network television news on a regular basis, but he said 24 of his 28 students watched The Daily Show.

It’s scary to think that while in their formative years our future journalists depend on a satirical news show to get their news. On the plus side, I suppose our news will be funnier in twenty years or so.

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