Soros v Moore

Clash of the liberal titans!

George Soros denounced filmmaker Michael Moore for using unethical and misleading tactics following a speaking engagement in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on October 19. . . .

. . .

In response to a question from Harrisburg Patriot-News reporter Peter DeCoursey about fellow Bush-critic Moore, Soros criticized the filmmaker for resorting to inaccuracies “to mislead the American people.” Soros emphatically stated, “I am not a fan of Michael Moore.”

Whatever will the left do? Will their allegience be with Soros’s money and internet political powerhouse or will it be with Moore, the High Priest of Liberalism?

3 thoughts on “Soros v Moore

  1. Having read a book written by George Soros, there is simply no comparison. The man is educated, worldly, experienced, savvy, and smart.

    As per Michael Moore: My extremely left housemate went to see him when he spoke in Seattle and said he didn’t really say a whole lot that had substance.

  2. Well I knew what you’d say, Ms. Soros-devotee. 😉

    There is no other American cultural/political figure I despise more than Moore. I’d love to see him made completely irrelevant.

    As much as I’d disagree with Soros’s politics, he at least seems to be respectable and level-headed.

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