Funeral for a Friend

I bought Funeral for a Friend’s latest album, Casually Dressed and Deep in Conversation, on iTunes a week ago. My good buddy Soini recommended it to me. It’s some pretty darn good hard rock/screamo along the veins of Finch. Check it out here (iTMS link). So it gets my stamp of approval. Songs I’d recommend are “Rookie of the Year,” “Juneau,” and “Escape Artists Never Die.”

I also bought It Dies Today’s first release, The Caitiff Choir. It’s some brutally good metalcore. You can check it out here (iTMS link) or here for full songs. I’m not sure I’d recommend buying it on iTunes because I’m pretty sure two of the songs get cut off before they are suppose to end. The end of the tracks definitely sound glitchy.

One thought on “Funeral for a Friend

  1. Thought I’d add another recommendation. I actually heard “Rookie of the Year” by this band in EA’s Burnout 3 for Xbox. If you’ve got an Xbox or PS2, you should check out this game.

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