Lawyer who can’t fax loses massive case

I guess those European law schools don’t teach how to operate a fax machine. Here at WUCL we have classes to protect against such a mishap and to help us to adjust to the attorney’s life:

  • Communication in the 21st Century: Basic use of faxing, electronic mail, and the Pony Express
  • Devil’s Advocate: Learning to cope with soullessness and brimstone
  • Math for the Attorney: A refresher course aimed to provide the ability to quickly add six-digit income figures, accurately estimate a tortfeasor’s insurance coverage, and calculate billable hours into the millions.
  • Attorney’s Arguments: How to make even the most simple issue so complex your opponent gives up.
  • Zealous Representation: Making sure your client wins at all costs so you get your 40% cut.
  • What is Virtue: A primer about what is virtue, why people believe in it, and how it does not apply to you.

2 thoughts on “Lawyer who can’t fax loses massive case”

  1. Your life is really becoming trivial, huh? Think about that from your summer homes in the Hamptons, Martha’s Vineyard, San Juan Islands, Chesapeake Bay, Medine, etc.

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