The Principled French

Chirac’s take on Europe’s reaction to Tiananmen Square:

In China to launch the “Year of France”, Mr Chirac called for an end to the European Union arms embargo, imposed after the 1989 massacre of hundreds of pro-democracy protesters.

He was attacked yesterday by human rights activists for “profoundly dishonouring” the massacre victims and their families.

France has been leading calls in Europe for a lifting of the arms embargo, which Mr Chirac said on Saturday had “no foundation or justification”. He told President Hu Jintao: “It’s a measure motivated purely and simply by hostility toward China.”

F*** you, Chirac.

2 thoughts on “The Principled French

  1. AMEN. I completely agree with you. 🙂 Some of the people arrested at Tiananmen Square are still in prison. Please…let France sell China more weapons that they can point at Taiwan. That’s going to be great for US-China foreign relations. I just can’t wait for that by golly!

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