Working hard to be irrelevant

Who’s this freakish looking woman? Why she’s the 2004 Nobel literature prize winner! Don’tchaknow? She’s a feminist Swede, so you know her writing is going to be top notch, being European and on the bleeding edge of societal evolution. So what is her work like? Well here’s a synopsis of two of her books:

The novel [“The Piano Teacher, 1988], and the film [2001], tells the story of a veteran piano teacher, Erika, a harsh and demanding taskmistress who indulges her extreme sexual tastes with hardcore pornography and voyeurism. She becomes sexually involved with a student – but only under her terms and dictates.

She had a best seller in 1989 with “Lust,” which she has described as portraying “the violence by the man against the woman” in a conventional marriage.

Wow! That sounds like some truly superb material there! Surely it will have resonance with women (and men?) across the globe and through the ages. Man, who wouldn’t be enthralled by the story of a repressed woman who turns to hardcore porn to get her jollies?

Here’s a description of her work in general:

“The nature of Jelinek’s texts is often hard to define. They shift between prose and poetry, incantation and hymn, they contain theatrical scenes and filmic sequences.”

That sure doesn’t sound like a mish-mash of nonsense does it?

Because I’m a man and I haven’t read any of her masterpieces, I’m not going to judge her work. I’ll just give her two thumbs up for having the courage to be seen in public: :thumbsup::thumbsup:

It’s great we have these Nobel prizes and all. I mean, if it wasn’t for the Nobel Peace Prize I never would have known that the terrorist Arafat was such a peaceful kind of guy. Or, I wouldn’t be clued in that Bush is so lame Jimmy Carter deserved a peace prize just to spite Bush. Or, I would never heard of the fantastic written work of Elfriede Jelinek!

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