I Give Up

I just found out the bar exam is entirely handwritten. Considering my lack of handwriting skills and the length of the exam (16 hours over 3 days), I am going to save myself the trouble and quit law school at the earliest possible moment (right after this class is finished).

Thanks, Dad, for the bad-penmanship gene. :crap:

UPDATE: My good friend Soini e-mailed me this, and now I’m going to be late for class because I was laughing so much. Thanks, for the pick-me-up from The Mondays!

9 thoughts on “I Give Up”

  1. Steve, you have some mail, and a big envelope from seattle u admissions. when are you going to be in seattle next?

  2. Possibly this weekend. I may spend this weekend planning what I’m going to do instead of law school or I may just come up there.

  3. If you quit, I’m going to call you “Steve the Quitter” everytime I talk to you in person, online or on the phone. Can you handle being a bigger failure than me? 😕

  4. Hey, Steve! Sorry you’re not enjoying school. That was a funny card from Soini!

    I’d like to get a copy of that 5th Hill Freshman year picture and any others that include Nathan. My slow server only lets me accept about two pictures at a time.

    from Nathan’s mom

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