Law school pictures

I’m too tired and hungry to do a couple of serious entries, so I have a couple of pictures instead

This is where I spend most of my time these days. It’s my carrel in the law library:

This next one is my favorite t-shirt and my lucky test day shirt:

Finally, here’s a boring picture of the creek that flows through the Willamette campus:

I’ll have a few more pictures soon.

6 thoughts on “Law school pictures

  1. It’s a bit eerie sitting in a carrel nearly identical to yours looking at a picture of one.

    Get yourself a slow cooker and learn how to cook, dear boy. Tonight I will return from the library to a dinner of beef and Guinness stew. No work required. 🙂 Study all day…eat…sleep. Repeat.

    Gosh wasn’t this law school stint a great idea of ours Steve-o? :err:

  2. Thanks for interesting pictures surrounding your life. We are looking forward to visiting your study carrel and seeing that beautiful creek in a little over a week from now. The Guiness will be on us.
    Love, Ma and Pa 🙂

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