Dreaming of Kerry

I had a dream last night that I was in the Safeway on top of Queen Anne hill in Seattle buying some groceries, and Senator John F. Kerry was in line in front of me. I think he was buying some milk. He was dressed in plain clothes. He seemed shorter than I thought he would be. He was nice enough but a little distant, as if he had something else on his mind. We chatted only for a bit. I made some remark about how he doesn’t have to worry about Seattle not voting for him. I felt like it would have been very rude to tell him I wasn’t voting for him.

Dunno if that means anything, but it was my first politically-oriented dream.

2 thoughts on “Dreaming of Kerry

  1. I had the most amazing dream last night too. I was a VIP at a Led Zeppelin concert, and afterwards Robert Plant and I shot the shit for a bit, then and Jimmy Page and I both got these bad-ass tattoos…it was cool.

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