Not all over the map

What do I do when I’m not reading my brains out? I take silly political quizzes! Behold my location on the political map:

Both Greg and Andrew have taken this test. I think Andrew’s got a point about just putting the X on the map for them though. It’s fun nonetheless.

5 thoughts on “Not all over the map

  1. Agreed. Though I will say a few of my choices were based on a completely idealized state of affairs. Realistically, some things just are not going to conform to what I want, and I’m willing to compromise on those.

  2. I just took the test and placed just a little more center than you. I think where they placed Bush and Kerry on that map is WAY off. I would consider Bush to be more “North” (like by Drew Carey) and Kerry more “South” like by FDR.

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