“Middle-Class Tax Cuts Extension Approved”

Yay! Tax cuts are most likely going to be extended and broadened! My heart is literally flittering with happiness right now. I feel like I just got kissed or something . . .

It’s very satisifying to see law makers cower in fear of their constituents if they vote against tax cuts. Maybe the Democrats will now stop their bogus accusation that the Bush tax cuts screwed over the middle-class.

3 thoughts on ““Middle-Class Tax Cuts Extension Approved””

  1. Would be nice if Bush would actually veto a spending bill. As Joe Scarborough wrote in WSJ today (subscription-only), he’s given up making any hard choices on the fiscal side, as have most Republicans getting a little too comfy as the majority party. Not that Dems are any better at restraining themselves. The best solution for overspending is probably divided government, with Republicans controlling the purse strings and Dems at the top.

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