McCain strikes again

Senator McCain, the champion of an unconstitutional campaign-finance bill and a possible presidential candidate in ’08, is already trying to lock up the couch-potato vote.

U.S. Senate Commerce Committee Chairman John McCain is pushing for up to $1 billion in aid to ensure consumers are not left in the dark when television stations broadcast only new, crisp digital signals, according to draft legislation obtained on Sunday.

This is coming from a guy who once accused Congress of spending money like “drunken sailors.” Well, who’s drunk now? George Washington and Thomas Jefferson would be spinning in their graves if they found out American citizens can no longer watch American Idol, Friends reruns, and Monster Garage with their antiquated television sets! Good thing we got somebody like Senator John McCain to make sure there’s a modern television set in every household. How can an American be truly American if he or she isn’t comfortably getting fat in front of that glowing box, that wretched stone?

2 thoughts on “McCain strikes again

  1. I think $1 billion is a bit high for set-top converter boxes that would be needed to allow (a shrinking number of) regular analog TVs to get digital signals. So I want to know exactly where the money is going. Not TV manufacturers I hope?

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