“Iranian talk of an attack on America”

Iran is either full of blowhards or idiots. Probably both, but, man, they’re slow-learners.

There are growing indications that Iran may be planning an attack on American soil. These indicators are not secret — they appear in speeches, newspaper articles, TV programs, and sermons in Iran by figures linked to the supreme leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and other government officials, all discussing potential Iranian attacks on America, which will subsequently lead to its destruction.

Maybe they didn’t notice what happened to their next door neighbor.

Iran is also currently thumbing it’s nose at the UN. Of course, we all know the UN just will not stand for that . . .

Iran rejected UN demands that it freeze all aspects of its uranium enrichment programme yesterday, threatening to cancel access for nuclear inspectors and abandon its international nuclear commitments if the issue is taken to the security council.

2 thoughts on ““Iranian talk of an attack on America”

  1. Maybe not like MEMRI, but I know there is stuff out there that keeps tabs on the democracy movement in Iran. I hope if Bush wins (or Kerry even) that we will at least back them with everything short of our tanks.

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