France wants your money

Screw you, Jacques.

French President Jacques Chirac will put forward ideas for an international tax scheme that would help build a 50-billion-dollar war chest to fight poverty during a 55-nation conference on economic development opening Monday in New York.

I don’t think I could put into words how much I detest this.

4 thoughts on “France wants your money

  1. I don’t argue with the idea of fighting poverty internationally, just Chirac deciding what should get money. Increasing access to clean water would do immense good, but somehow I doubt that’s what France has in mind with the money. Somewhere a money-grubbing corrupt bureaucrat has his fingers crossed…

  2. I don’t care how noble the supposed purpose is. I am not represented in the UN. They have no right and should have no right to tax me. Yeah, the taxes will be paid on the national and corporate level, but those taxes will be passed on to me, the consumer, in some way.

    Our forefathers spilt blood over this issue. We should vigorously resist any action like this.

  3. I lean towards your end of things, Steve. International taxation is to be abominated. But, I also gotta say, you are represented much better in the UN than most other people in the world. At least you get to vote for the President who sends the US’ representative to that august body. Which places you several steps ahead of citizens of China, Cuba, Vietnam, most of Africa and the Middle East.

    You are right about the UN. Many years ago at SPU I wrote an article for The Falcon that suggested that we should get out of the UN and force it to collapse by booting it off US soil. It’ll never happen, but one can dream.

    By the bye, you oughta include a preview option for your comments. Either that, or make the window one types in larger than four lines.

  4. Bob,

    Yeah, I know there is at least a thin thread of representation that ties me to our activity in the UN, but this is a far cry from the thick ropes of true American representation! 🙂

    WordPress doesn’t have the preview feature built-in, so I did the next best thing. now with 5 times more commenting space! (tell all your friends)

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