Some Weekend Reading

Print these out and read them while you’re on the john!

A possible plan to get government spending under control. Apparently it has been successfully implemented in Colorado.

An interesting read on Bush’s mysterious faith. Bottomline: he has faith, but nobody really knows what it is.

Saddam may not have had WMDs, but he definitely had intent to make them.

More evidence of Saddam’s indirect connections with Al Qaeda via the U.N. Oil-for-food scandal. Read this one when you’re ready to keep track of lots of names and organizations. It reminded me of a Tom Clancy novel. For some reason a lot of anti-war people think it’s gospel-truth that Saddam had no terror ties. That seems a little naive to me. Also, for some reason, people think the UN is a trustworthy world organization. That also seems pretty naive to me. Thanks to my ex-roomie Chris who pointed me to this.

5 thoughts on “Some Weekend Reading

  1. Ooooh. Them’s fightin’ words. What more evidence do I have to offer?!?

    How about this. I have a clay peppermint foot mask for my feet. What guy do you know, gay, straight or otherwise who would admit to using clay peppermint foot masks?

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