Firefox 1.0PR

Get Firefox!My favorite browser has hit 1.0. Well, almost. Right now it’s a preview release, so it’s really Firefox 1.0PR. New features:

  • Live Bookmarks
  • Improved FastFind
  • Improved Security
  • Master Password
  • Software Update
  • Smaller Download

The Live Bookmarks is essentially a built-in RSS newsreader. If you aren’t taking advantage of RSS feeds, you’re really missing out.

Here’s more info if you’re really bored.

UPDATE: After using 1.0PR for a day now, I pronounce it to be usable, and I would recommend it to others. In fact, if you are using a lower version you probably should update for security reasons. The last stable version of Firefox (0.9.3) has a flaw which could be used as an exploit.

Though I haven’t tried installing new themes, I’ve been happy with the default one. They’ve polished it up nicely.

6 thoughts on “Firefox 1.0PR

  1. Preview is very nice so far. It breaks themes and extensions, but I’ve read that this is really just a minor glitch that can be fixed by updating the extensions or doing a quick hack. I fixed my one important extension (Adblock) with a quick, simple update. I’ll try themes next. :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

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  3. Pingback: The Smoking Room

  4. MS is going to bite themselves in the butt if they keep putting out products that don’t work with Firefox, like this.

    Why would you limit your business simply in order to force people to continue to use your browser? Good luck with that. :doh:

    EDIT: Fixed and made-pretty the link.

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