Where are the WMDs? Maybe they’re in Jordan

Matt Rosenberg points to another article hinting where Saddam’s WMD program may have gone.

Money quote from the CNN article (emphasis mine):

Iraq has exported about 130,000 tons of scrap metal to Jordanian trading companies following the U.S.-led invasion, including SA-2 missile engines and equipment that could have been used to make banned weapons, according to U.N. weapons inspectors.

…The inspectors, who left Iraq before the fighting began in March 2003, said they are concerned that several sites in Iraq, where weapons of mass destruction could have been produced, have been plundered. Using satellite imagery, they also have determined that some sites were razed.

…Scrap company managers estimated that between June 2003 and June 2004, 130,000 tons of Iraqi scrap metal passed through Jordan’s largest free trade zone. Iraq also exported scrap metal to other bordering nations, as well as to Europe, North Africa and Asia.

Among the items discovered at the Jordanian scrap yards were 20 SA-2 missile engines, a solid propellant mixing vessel tagged by UNMOVIC during its 2002-2003 inspection activities in Iraq, parts of an SA-2 air frame and booster and four chemical-related vessels tagged as dual-use items — for legitimate civilian or illicit military use.

So, we see once again that there was a vast amount of material that escaped out of Iraq before, during, and after the major hostililities. 130,000 tons is a lot of metal. Obviously many things can be hid in that much metal including entire missle engines. I also think it’s very interesting that entire sites were razed. During the bewildering, crushing defeat Saddam suffered, why suffered did he take the time to make sure that entire sites were razed? If he had nothing illegal going on, then what was there to be accomplished by this razing? Maybe he was just making the path straight for us . . . You know, nice, smooth ground for our tanks.

Also in my “Where did the WMDs go?” series:
Maybe they went to Europe: Here we learn that “large amounts of nuclear-related equipment” were smuggled out of Iraq before the war and ended up in Europe. Also entire buildings disappeared.
Maybe they went to Syria: Here we learn we had intelligence that there was a lot of truck activity going into Syria which very well could have contained WMDs. What happened about a year later? A terrorist attack which would have used chemical weapons was foiled. Strange coincidence.
Maybe they went to Syria, part 2: After learning there was lots of activity going into Syria from Iraq, we then learn that Syria was flying Scud and WMD parts to Sudan.
Maybe they are still in Iraq: Here we learn that Inspector Kay did not find any stockpiles of ready to go WMDs, but he did find lots of evidence that there was some type of WMD program in existence. It also reminds us that WMDs can very easily be hid.
Something went somewhere fast: Here we are shown once again how fast and how possible it was for Saddam to make entire facilities disappear right from under our noses.

Bottomline, the Weapons of Mysterious Disappearance is often seen as a closed and settled issues (they never existed). I think a prudent person will acknowledge they very well could exist and may still be out there.

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