Bush’s Acceptance Speech

My old buddy Greg has a running commentary on Bush’s speech tonight. He and I had a lot of the same thoughts. My gut response:

First half was boring. About thirty minutes in, and I couldn’t wait for it to end. The highlight of this part was when he pitched his website. The way he said “dot com” just sounded, well, cute. Most of the programs he mentioned at least sound good, but I’m always a little worried when new government programs are announced. It’s good to hear he wants to take on tax and social security reform. Social security reform before I start pumping large amounts of money into that hole would be super.

Second half was fantastic. A homerun in my book. I liked the way he dealt with personal criticisms (speech problems, swagger, hardheadedness). His defense of the war was well done. His call for America to use its power to promote freedom was inspiring. His sharing of stories of wounded soldiers and grieving families nearly made me cry, and it looks like he was holding back tears as well.

Best line: “My fellow Americans, for as long as our country stands, people will look to the resurrection of New York City and they will say: Here buildings fell, and here a nation rose.”

On to the debates!

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