To Salem and Back

I have seven articles I’ve saved over the last week that I want to comment on but either haven’t had the time or motivation to do so. Maybe I’ll get to them tomorrow.

Today I went down to Salem to try and secure a place to live. I thought I had a studio pretty much locked up, but it seems that it got rented the day after I looked at it. I didn’t want to commit to it at the time because I had some questions about it and wanted to try to talk down the rent. I guess somebody else wanted it faster than me. I looked at another studio today, but it wasn’t as appealing. It was bigger, newer, and $5 cheaper; but it wasn’t as close to the campus and had a distinct smokey smell. I’m going back down again on Saturday to check some more out. I was hoping to be moving down there permanently then, but it may have to wait. Who knows, maybe I’ll just get a PO Box and live out of my truck. I took a nap in it today. It was pretty comfortable.

You know what I hate? Drivers who can’t keep a constant speed. On the drive back from Salem, this car whizzed by me, easily going 10 mph faster than me. He then switched into my lane, and then slowed down to less than my speed. This happened quite quickly, so I had to apply my brakes or I would have rear-ended him. Also there was this stupid red Jeep Cherokee that just could not stay at any one speed. The driver, who was on this cell phone, varied his speed anywhere from 60 mph to almost 75 mph. This is extremely frustrating because I often had to either let him pass or some how pass him. Oh, another pet peeve of mine is idiots in the passing lane who are going slower than the speed limit. Luckily for them I was too tired for road rage.

Okay, my laptop is just about out of batteries. Time to go.

2 thoughts on “To Salem and Back

  1. Whenever I go on that trip I just set my cruise control and laugh at the same people Steve would, we assume, mame with a large baseball bat along with their car. I am reminded of Minority Report and wish for the day were actual inteligence commands car movements rather than the guy or girl on their freaking phone driving 70+ mph. Can I get an amen!!

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