Giving up in Europe

Probably the best email Instapundit has ever posted.

Bush is bringing our troops home from Germany because he realizes American-style democracy will never succeed there. After freeing the German people from a brutal dictatorship and protecting them from Soviet tyranny for almost fifty years, Bush is finally willing to admit that Germans aren’t capable of contributing to the security and prosperity of the world.

5 thoughts on “Giving up in Europe

  1. ????

    Germany is losing two American heavy divisions but is gaining a smaller but more mobile American brigade. There are 70,000 troops there now and there will be 40,000 troops there after the changes are made.

    US forces are currently in two large clumps, in Germany and in Japan and South Korea. These are not necessarily the most effective positions to have significant numbers of troops stationed now that the Cold War is over, notwithstanding the tensions with North Korea.

    I’d say Germany has done a tolerable job in contributing to the security of the world by allowing a foreign nation to have huge forces stationed on its soil, and they will continue to do so. Bush is not bringing them home because ‘American-style democracy’ won’t succeed there. He’s not even really bringing them home.

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