Last wedding of the year

Yesterday, my old friend Micah got hitched. It’s my third and last wedding I participated in this summer. I’ve posted a couple of pics from it in the gallery. Now I get one last free weekend before law school starts. Good thing I’ll be using it all up moving into my new place. I’ll be up here in Alaska until Tuesday night, so blogging will still be light. Not too much going on in the world, except for that little shindig in Greece.

I did see the Aliens vs. Predator movie the other night. It’s not even worth the time to review it really. It’s an Alien movie that’s rated PG-13. Enough said.

2 thoughts on “Last wedding of the year

  1. It’s rushed. There are very few suspenseful buildups like in either the Aliens or Predators series. Poor acting, poorer science (e.g. people running around Antartica with just a bunch of GAP winter clothes), not enough action, lame ending.

    My main complaint is that they took two great franchises, combined them, and made a really poor mess. Granted, Predator 2 greatly weakened the Predator side of the deal, but the original Predator was a great movie. So, I guess another way to say it is that AvP had a lot of potential and only a small fraction of it was realized.

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