Swiftvets vs Kerry

Spinsanity has a good article about the controversial Swiftboat veterans ad that calls Kerry an out-right liar. Conclusion:

In short, the evidence upon which the group has based its claims of lying falls short, for the moment, of definitively proving these charges.

Spinsanity does say that their conclusion is based solely on the data provided by Swiftvets site. And perhaps the book Unfit for Command will provide more evidence.

I saw the ad the day after it was released on the web, and I orginally thought, though the charges were substantial and possibly true, the ad would do little harm to Kerry. Indeed, most every pundit I read or heard agreed. Some said it was a powerful ad, but probably wouldn’t do much. However, Kerry’s campaign has not responded to the ad with a strong rebuttal. In fact, Democrats have only responded with threats of litigation. If this ad was really a bunch of nonsense, then why doesn’t the Kerry campaign come right out and take it apart? Their lack of rebuttal only makes me think that there is more to this ad than I orginally thought.

Kerry has been trying to sell himself on his four months of service in Vietnam and vague promises that he can do better. If his Vietnam record gets torn apart (by this and his lies about being in Cambodia, then all he has is his promises. But anybody can make promises until the cows come home. As my dad always says, “Words are cheap.”

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