I have an addiction

An internet addiction. I guess. Maybe I do. All I know is that my network connection in my room has been down since yesterday, and it really sucks. I was so bored. Bored. Bored. Bored. I had to prowl around on the rest of the campus to find another jack. I found one in the library, but then the library closed. I gave up after that.

I’m going to a bachelor party tonight, a wedding rehearsal tomorrow, and a wedding on Saturday. Blogging will probably be very light, especially if I still have no internet in my room.

5 thoughts on “I have an addiction

  1. we also know about another addiction steve has…as we discussed at Nic’s while enjoying the deliciousness of Havana’s finest Romeo & Juliets. God bless smuggled goods from cooler countries.

  2. You think losing your fast T1 connection for one day is bad? Try living on unreliable, slow-ass dial-up for a month. My first decision as a resident of Bethesda, MD (got the apartment today!) will be to get a DSL or cable broadband connection. Sweet relief.

  3. Oh we should mention no pictures were taken of this event….NO ONE HAD A CAMERA

    [Edit: made this post intelligble. :razz:]

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