Wedding bells

I was in my first wedding ever last Saturday. Chris, my ex-roommate of two years, got hitched. The wedding was a success. She said “yes” and all that. It was a nice, simple outdoor wedding up on Whidbey Island. I saw lots of friends and old friends there. Two girls asked for my number; I was that good looking in my shirt and tie. I spent the afternoon with one of the girls yesterday afternoon. I showed her around Seattle, took a cruise on Elliot Bay, and took her up to Discovery Park. Unfortunately, she lives in California and went back home Monday evening. I had forgotten how enjoyable it was to just walk around, talk, and relax with a girl. I miss those times now. She even got me to try on some Abercrombie & Fitch clothes. If you know me at all, that should be a surprise. I would have bought a button-up shirt, but it was $60. I don’t look good in pink.

I’m in another wedding this Saturday, and then I head up to Alaska for a wedding the next Saturday. I wonder if I’ll have as much success with the ladies at the next two . . . I doubt it, but here’s hoping.

I finally got my grubby little paws on Murder by Death’s first album, “Like the Exorcist but With More Breakdancing.” I’ll post a review of that soon. So far I dig it.

3 thoughts on “Wedding bells

  1. Greg, I’m not leaving too much out. But, well, you know, those juicy and really fun details are rather…boring to read about, aren’t they? 😈

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