Polls, polls, and more polls

Latest Gallup polls bodes poorly for the Kerry campaign. Money quote:

In the survey, taken Friday and Saturday, the Democratic ticket of Kerry and John Edwards trailed the Republican ticket of Bush and Dick Cheney 50% to 46% among likely voters, with independent candidate Ralph Nader at 2%.

. . .

The change in support was within the poll’s margin of error of /- 4 percentage points in the sample of 763 likely voters. But it was nonetheless a stunning result, the first time in the Gallup Poll since the 1972 Democratic convention that a candidate seemed to lose ground at his convention.

The article also says a “News”week poll gives the Dems a 4 point up tick. I think the analysts are correct, the intensely polarized electorate gives little room for either candidate to gain more points. I doubt Bush will get much of a bounce either at the GOP convention.

One thought on “Polls, polls, and more polls

  1. I haven’t met a single person who hasn’t already mentally cast their vote. I don’t think theere IS a swing voting section like there has been in years past.

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