here’s a non sequitur for you

I wasn’t going to say anything about this because I think it’s a non-issue, but the ending paragraph is such a non-sequitur. The article is about Teresa Heinz telling a reporter to “shove it,” which is entirely understandable in my view, but then the story ends with a whole paragraph about Cheney’s recent outburst. What? Where did that come from? Maybe they should have tacked on Kerry cursing at one of his secret service agents too. I’m sure they could have had a whole chain of political outbursts going all the way back to when Burr shot Hamilton.

One thought on “here’s a non sequitur for you”

  1. The ketchup baroness may have had a right to get testy with a persistent reporter, but it seems she came storming back, after leaving, to tell him off. If she was already on her way, why return to get a dig in? That’s rather immature. Also, she did say “unAmerican,” and there’s nothing wrong with asking exactly what she meant: she could provide the proper context, if she’s afraid he might create a false one.

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