let a millstone be tied around their necks

This wayward world.

As we decide whether or not a child can pledge allegiance to a nation “under God” and Britain tries to determine whether or not parents can spank their children, some Palestinans are training and sending their children into their holy war.

Palestinian children are flocking to terrorist training school where they learn how to kidnap and slaughter Jews:

Lessons for the tykes include instruction on how to assemble explosives and fire automatic rifles.

The eager kids also must complete an obstacle course that includes jumping through burning tires and crawling under barbed wire, as shots are fired above their heads.

But the entire course is designed to lead up to the grand finale: the mock staging of the deadly kidnapping of the “settler.”

Other Palestinian boys are dying to get out of school. The BBC tells the story of the 15 year old boy who was arrested in March by Israeli security forces when they discovered he had a explosives attached to him.

It had begun at 6am that morning after he had said a prayer and kissed his mother goodbye, telling her he was going to school as usual.

Instead he met some men from the al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades who photographed him for his martyrs poster, fitted him with a bomb belt and despatched him to Israel – the nightmare of many Palestinian mothers.

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