Philippines pulling out of Iraq

This time the terrorists clearly have won. For the sake of argument, I’ll grant that Spain may not have been a victory for the Islamofascists, but this definitely is.

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) — Baghdad has urged governments not to negotiate with hostage takers amid uncertainty over reports Manila is going to withdraw its troops.

Militants holding a Filipino in Iraq have said they will release him on Tuesday, according to a diplomatic source in Baghdad.

It was not clear how the message of his release was conveyed.

The news came moments after the Philippine government said it would withdraw its 50-member humanitarian force from Iraq “as soon as possible” to save the life of Angelo de la Cruz, a 46-year-old father of eight.

One thought on “Philippines pulling out of Iraq

  1. They were scheduled to pull out August 20 anyway, but yes, accelerating the pullout seems to have given the terrorists an easy victory. The lesson seems to be: Make threats even when you’ll soon get what you want anyway, just to show you can pull it off. And John Kerry thinks he can get skittish allies to come back. It’s not because of the current administration they’re waffling.

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