Interview with WFB

A fun, quick interview of WFB by the NYT.

Personally, I’d say the questions all seem fairly barbed or negative, but it doesn’t matter. Buckley answers them all with the utmost of brevity, which is the soul of wit, which Buckley readily proves once again.

One thought on “Interview with WFB

  1. He was pretty clever, and that interviewer gave him a much harder time than I doubt she’d give, say, Katrina Vanden Heuvel of The Nation. But Buckley’s time has passed – Republicans and conservatives are moving in directions to better adapt to the current times, including ambitious foreign policy to make sure the US has to deal with the minimum of repressive dictatorial governments. Coddling dictators only encourages more, and I’d prefer slightly higher force casualties now than an America that turns a blind eye to genocide out of a narrow view of self-interest.

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