Stay classy San DiegoThe other night I saw Anchorman. My ex-roomie somehow obtained free sneak-peek passes, and he was unable to use them. So, I got them.

The first half of the movie is not funny at all. I may have smiled a time or two, but that’s it. When the two co-anchors start their little feud it became much funnier. I’ve never been a fan of Farrell, and this movie didn’t change my opinion. I don’t think he’s funny, and I do think he’s over-rated. Steve Carell is funny though. Indeed, he was the only consistently funny character in the whole film. This movie might be worth a matinee showing.

Pros: Steve Carell, Paul Rudd, cameos are always fun, last half is fairly funny
Cons: Applegate’s make-up, Farrell, lame bit of Bush bashing, mostly predictable, SNL humor throughout

2 thoughts on “Anchorman”

  1. what!!! that was one of the best movies ever i saw it twice. the only bad part was at the end with the bush crap. but steven carell!!! so funny!! “yeah i ate a red candle.”

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