Look what I got!

I ignored my deep lust for the 30″ display and got something I really do need. I followed my head and not my heart. It’s a 15″ Powerbook/ 1.33 Ghz G4/ 256 MB (soon to be upgraded)/ 60 GB HDD.

I’m very happy with my purchase so far, and I can’t wait to use the built-in wifi. I think it will impress all the ladies. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Look what I got!

  1. 😀 nice – that is the next mac I will purchase…happy with my Dual 1.25 MDD 1GB Ram and 280GB Storage space right now…just need bigger display…this 15″ Apple studio seems small now that they have 30″s

  2. Dude, you got a 15″ display on a dual 1.25!? :doh: My desktop is a dual 1ghz MDD, but I have a 17″ screen!

    This laptop is awesome, but the stock RAM config of 256 MB is completely ridiculous. OSX needs at least 512. I’m installing my new 512 stick tonight! Yay! 🙂

  3. I am curious, by how one decides on whether to choose the powerbook or ibook. What comparison did you use. I know nothing about either, I am suprememly curious.

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