Integrating the new member of the family

My little brother is visiting me for a few days, and so he has kinda taken over my desktop, which results in me consuming less news and other information.

I spent the evening investigating solutions to sync my laptop and my desktop on multiple levels: email, bookmarks, IM, address book, music, etc. My ultimate goal is to basically operate on two machines but accessing one pool of data that is synced/managed via both machines. Overall I’ve found some nice solutions, and I’m positive I’ll get things working out to my satifisfaction. Apple’s robust support for Rendezvous makes syncing/sharing between the machines very elegant and easy. Also, the well implemented wireless connectivity via Airport is simply amazing. All I had to do was buy an Airport card for my tower, click a few times to share my internet connection, and then my tower acts as a basestation for my laptop. So, my laptop is completely wireless!

I need to name my laptop. My tower is Big One, and my iPod is Archie. Maybe this laptop will be Little One.

2 thoughts on “Integrating the new member of the family”

  1. :smile:nice machine. Right now I am sitting by gate A9 at Detroit International Airport (DTW). I am on-line wirelessly using my G3 iBook / Airport modem which is connected to the WiFi system through-out the main concourse here. I have to pay a $6.75 user fee for the time (max 24 hours). However, it is a great way to kill a few hours waiting for my flight back to Alaska. The Barnett Reunion was a great time. D-d-d-ad

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