“BBC reports ‘littered with errors'”

The Telegraph is reporting some interesting news about the BBC. Money quotes:

A significant number of BBC news reports are untrustworthy and littered with errors because the corporation’s journalists fail to check their facts, according to e-mails sent by one of the BBC’s most senior news managers. His messages reveal that the credibility of the news service is “on the line” because of a climate of sloppiness.

The leaked e-mails sent by Hugh Berlyn, an assistant editor of BBC News Online, show that despite the furore surrounding the Gilligan report, dozens of “unvetted” stories appear on the internet every day. The result is a string of stories that are, at best, littered with errors and, at worst, inaccurate and potentially libellous.

The BBC is just getting hammered these days. After the Hutton Inquiry and the resignation of the top editor, this doesn’t really help the situation. Is this another step towards the death of Old Media? They have declining readerships, are swamped by liberals, have had a wave of scandals, has had the public’s confidence in it continue to fall, and even the reporting from Iraq is suspect.

One thought on ““BBC reports ‘littered with errors'”

  1. What are libel laws like in Britain? Certainly not as difficult to sue as America. The BBC isn’t dead, but more heads will roll, and maybe we’ll see an energized British blogosphere.

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