Al-Qaeda spells out Iraq attack strategy in handbook: report

Best of the Web pointed to an interesting news item from a French news service. An Al-Qaeda memo has surfaced that illuminates some of the strategic thinking going on behind the scenes. Money quote:

“We consider that the Spanish government cannot suffer more than two to three strikes before pulling out (of Iraq) under pressure from its own people,” said the document obtained Wednesday by AFP from Raido France Internationale’s regional office in Beirut.

Well Al-Qaeda was wrong. It was only one strike.

Further on, the memo gives instructions to the “insurgents” in Iraq:

“They should not carry out any operation targeting the daily life of the Iraqi people or its future, such as the basic services or education, except for oil which should not be exploited under occupation,” it said.

I guess that instruction wasn’t followed . . .

They do get one thing right:

“This [building an Iraqi state as conceived by the US] would be (for the US) the first step toward the eradication of hardline Islam in the entire world,” it said.

Damn straight. We’re coming for you.

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