The Bells Toll for Thee!

. . . the wedding bells that is. Yes, another one of my friends got married today. This time it was my good buddy Soini. The ceremony was nicely done and short. Then again, the ceremony always seems short to me. The reception was nice too. I got to see lots of friends and have a good time as you can see below:

I have two thoughts about weddings. It occurred to me today that it’s a good thing to be one of the last to be married in one’s circle of friends. Why? Because by the time you get married, everybody else has settled down and gotten a job. This means they have more money. Ergo, they can buy you better wedding gifts. Think about it. If you get married when all your friends are poor college students . . . well you might as well forget the registries. Good luck even getting a card. My second thought is about the brevity of the ceremony. Look, this is the last chance I have to back out of a life-long commitment. Personally, I think I’d want that chance to be as long as possible so that I can be really really really sure I want to go through with it. If you have a short ceremony, your window of opportunity to cut loose is short as well. After all, even careful thinkers and lovers make mistakes. Therefore, a prudent, humble man will allow himself the maximum amount of time to change his mind.

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