Journalism at its finest

I want to make a few quick points about this little ditty.

1. I think it’s great the NYT has the headline “Group Says Ads for 9/11 Film Violate Law”, and then talks about a rating kerfluffle for half the article, saving the real meat of the headlined issue for the END of the article. Superb, NYT, superb.

2. Of course Moore is given space to get his quote in, but nobody from the “conservative advocacy group” is given space. Reporting at its finest!

3. A future colleague of mine is quoted. Unfortunately she says something stupid.

4. Maybe issues like this will underscore how lame the unconstitutional CFR laws are and they will get repealed. Please?

4 thoughts on “Journalism at its finest

  1. I of course think the NYT is right on. But I found this funny and thought you’d appreciate this.

    “It’s you going to break the heart of the New York Times, and that will also please me.” – George Bush senior on hopes for his son’s re-election. USA Today, June 10th

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