a celebration of the end of freedom

My old Fifth Hill floor-buddy and ex-co-worker, (Jon) Soini, had his bachelor party last night. I was fortunate enough to be invited. We went go-karting at this place up north which had karts that moved pretty darn fast. We were told the top speed was 35 MPH, but I’m not sure if anybody hit that speed considering how twisty and turny the track was. We were going fast enough to do power-slides around the hairpins. After three qualifying races, I was eligible for the championship race. My pole position was third, but I finished fifth because I accidently took one of the hairpins too tight. I also got t-boned real nicely in that race. After the go-karting, we went back to Soini’s place where we played video games and watched some episodes of Deadwood. It was a good time, and a good time was had by all. Hopefully there will be a batch of pictures I can link to . . . as soon as a lazy guy — not me! — uploads them. Three more bachelor parties to go. Possibly four, depending on how things work out.

Beautiful days should not be spent indoors sitting in front of an infernal machines.

UPDATE: Pictures can be found here.

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