This is real torture

I condemned what happened in Abu Ghraib, but I also made the point that it was overblown by the Media. If you disagree with me, watch the video hosted here. This is real torture. This is so graphic that I could only watch it by looking at still frames. And you know what? This isn’t even the worst of what Saddam and his scum did.

Between this, the contractors mutilated in Fallujah, the Nick Berg beheading, and today’s beheading of Paul Johnson (graphic photos) why would anybody feel the need to understand these barbarians?

Bush said it right today in his speech at Fort Lewis, “You can’t reason with these people. There’s no need to negotiate with them. Therapy is not going to work.”

2 thoughts on “This is real torture

  1. The American soldiers who “tortured” Iraqi’s receive much respect from myself. After having my friends shot, tortured and killed on the battlefield or in Iraqi prisons day after day, I for one could not guard any soldiers according to the military rules. After seeing these photographs I cannot image what it is for an American soldier to contain oneself and not commit for greater atrocities.

  2. What does stacking up naked people accomplish? What does putting leashes on naked people accomplish? It certainly didn’t help us rebuild Iraq and only increased hostility towards American troops, further and unnecessarily endangering their lives. It’s one thing to keep people awake for questioning. It’s another thing entirely to humiliate people for pleasure. What does this form of punishment serve? It’s not utilitarian, as it neither prevent or rehabilitate the offenders. It’s purely retributive, to make us feel better. And I doubt there was much distinguishing between those who deserved it, and those who were sincerely defending their country.

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