Bubba’s Book

Here and here are two interesting articles about Clinton’s memoirs which will be released this June.

The first article gives us a behind the scenes look at what’s going into Clinton’s memoir. Nothing especially noteworthy, but an eyebrow-raising read nonetheless. If you don’t want to read the whole thing (shame on you), read just this:

But a Clinton friend says, “He does not act like he has anything to be ashamed about . . . He really believes this was some right-wing conspiracy and he didn’t do anything wrong. Maybe he misbehaved in his marriage, but so has every other president in the last 50 or 100 years. He does not go around with his head down in shame.”

Clinton also apparently is loath to take any responsibility for having failed to stop the genocide in Rwanda in 1994, saying, “How did this happen, I don’t remember,” according to a former top aide quoted by the magazine.

I may buy the book just to see why he didn’t move into Rwanda and save 800,000 people after the U.N. failed to act.

In the second article, Dick Morris presents the case that the timing of the book release is evidence that Clinton really wants Kerry to lose this election. Why? Because Hillary wants to be President. That’s the gist anyway. I find that theory a little outlandish, but Morris makes a good point that Clinton’s memoirs are going to make it all but impossible for Kerry to get an word in edge-wise for all of June and July.

UPDATE: Clinton says he’s going to use the book campaign to push Kerry. Others remark it may be a “double-edged sword.” Kerry “thinks [Clinton] is good” and wants to include him in the campaign.

3 thoughts on “Bubba’s Book

  1. Well, considering that the first article mentioned how long it’s taken to write the book, and how hard he’s having to push Clinton, it seems to contradict the idea that Bill is trying to undermine Kerry.

  2. Good point. I do think it’s a little suspicious as to why it took Clinton this long to write his memoirs, but there isn’t enough suspicion to warrant Morris’ rather kooky theory.

  3. I think Bill has been having a grand ol’ time hanging out with the local boys at the bars and teaching schoolchildren advanced social policy! A lot of the biographical stories about him are about him just hanging around GENUINELY enjoying the common man… I think he’s been enjoying Mickey D’s and Krispy Kremes, not seeing Hilary, and being out of the public eye.

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