One Bad Apple

Yesterday, I set an unfortunate milestone in my life: I was forced to reinstall OS X to get my desktop running again. I’ve been using Macs for over fifteen years, and, until yesterday, I’ve never had to reinstall a whole OS in order to fix a problem. Here’s my woeful tale.

I was responsibily downloading a security update from Apple, and while I was waiting for it to download and install I was busy cleaning some directories up. The security update was nearly finished installing when my machine kernal paniced (in non-techie terms: computer fall down go boom). Unforunately, upon restart my beloved Mac was not well, and as I tried to fix the problem it only got worse. Long story short, after three reinstalls, a directory rebuilding, and lots of foul language my machine got so FUBARed that it would kernal panic on boot. This is bad. On top of this, my internet went out for five hours, so I couldn’t even get help online via my old iBook. Luckily for me, I had another drive I could install OS X on and then transfer all my important data to it. Give it up for 160 GB drives! After wiping my entire boot drive and doing a completely fresh system install, I got my machine back to roughly the same state it was in before. However, I’ve discovered I lost my entire collection of bookmarks. 😦 There are also a few other minor annoyances, but nothing a grown man like me can’t handle.

Moral of the story: don’t do anything if you are installing any system update.

4 thoughts on “One Bad Apple

  1. I stalled the security update as well and my volume went out completly. I restarted again and it came back but as it stands now my mute button doesn’t work. First problem I’ve had. I very, very painfully put my money down and ordered the required laptop for school. I think it is absolutely asinie to spend that much money for something I DON’T WANT, and won’t work as well as what I already have.

  2. Hmmm, the last update for OS X seems to be a little buggy for some people. Hopefully a new one will be coming out soon.

    At Willamette there’s no requirement for a PC laptop! 😛 Also it has campus-wide WiFi. Kick butt!

  3. That’s sooooo nice. We’re required to have WiFi compatibility which is cool. I’m actually having problems with my volume all around though….but I’m not sure if that is OS X related.

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