Lawyers: making everybody else seem great

The guy arrested in Portland, Oregon, who is linked to the Madrid bombings is — are you ready for this? — a lawyer!

Lawyers are evil, but this is really taking the cake.

He got his law degree from Lewis and Clark. Not Willamette. Whew!

UPDATE: The lawyer was released because after more thorough investigation by Spanish police forces revealed the prints belonged to an Algerian man.

AND AGAIN: The FBI have acknowledged they made a mistake and apologized for arresting the lawyer. Lawsuit in three, two, one . . . Seriously, this just points out that combatting terror is not going to be easy, innocents will be hurt, and mistakes will be made. When the enemy is buried deep in our society and in the world, rooting them out will be tough work.

2 thoughts on “Lawyers: making everybody else seem great

  1. Yeah, I can start to feel the horns growing out of my skull. I think the forked tongue and tail is next.

    Can’t wait until I get my pitchfork!

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