99 days left

Law school is rapidly approaching. If weeks continue to fly by last like this past week, then I’m going to be sitting in some stuffy classroom before I know it. In light of this fact, I’m devoting a little bit of time today to getting a list together of things I need to acquire before I head down to Willamette. Here’s what I have so far:

  • A place to live: preferrably a cheaper single-room unit not too far from campus.
  • A new laptop: a nice new Powerbook sounds great!
  • A new suit: I already have one, but I think it would be wise to have another one. Maybe a dark gray one.
  • A motorcycle: yes, I need one of these too. However, I might be willing to compromise on this and get it next summer. Emphasis on “might.” The other day I realized I’m rather bored with my life as a whole; I think adding the highly lethal fun of a motorcycle might lend a little bit of spice. Just enough spice to prevent me from going bonkers.
  • A girlfriend: here is what I’m currently looking for: a woman who is willing to wash my dishes, wash my clothes, pay my bills, support me even though I’m always studying, always let me go out with the guys, won’t complain about my computer habits, makes me dinner, wants a dog (not a cat), encourages me to actually get a motorcycle, listens to hardcore, has roughly the same political views, has at least some emotional endurance through the tougher times, has a brain, and is really stinkin’ hot.

8 thoughts on “99 days left

  1. Obviously the toughest thing on your list is the “girlfriend”. The only women I know of that comes close is your mother . . . . but she is taken. However, I think her little sister is available.

  2. You should get the 12″ powerbook, the thing is so stupidly small (and portable) that you can tell everyone that “it’s just a purse, not a laptop case.” 😳

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